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The basics

Respect for values

As an essential prerequisite, the member firms commit themselves to a set of shared, fundamental values, which aim to enhance, promote and develop the luxury sector in the Nouvelle Aquitaine:

  • a mutually-supportive interest for member firms, based on the pooling of resources,
  • the sustainability and development of jobs in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region,
  • the fight against economic attack linked in particular to counterfeit goods,
  • the passing-on of know-how,
  • constant improvement through creativity and innovation,
  • an environmentally-friendly progress policy,
  • compliance with rules and tax/social security obligations …


Membership criteria

A firm must meet certain criteria in order to apply for membership:

Essential criteria 

  • recognized, verifiable creation and know-how
  • positioning in a “high-end” market
  • support for a set of ethical values
  • products manufactured and created in the Nouvelle Aquitaine


Extra criteria linked to:

  • the materials used
  • scarcity
  • the firm’s strategy and history
  • the existence and recognition of a label


Approval procedure

Membership is subject to an Approval Committee decision.

To receive approval and become an active member of the Association, firms must fill in an application form and submit it to the Committee