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Lou Kasatché

Lou Kasatché

Fashion house

Name of Chief Executives : Bernard Blaizeau
Address : 4 boulevard de Fleurus 87000 Limoges, France
Phone : 05 55 49 82 54
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Company presentation

In 2011, aware of the outstanding know-how that he had in his hands in the C2000 workshop, Bernard Blaizeau set up his own fashion house, Lou Kasatché, in Limoges.

This was the start of a new adventure, once more based on elegance and sophistication. The Lou Kasatché range is inspired by the pre-war period, when great talents such as Gabrielle Chanel turned the fashion and design world upside down.

Inspired by another era, the fashion house aims to bring the fashion house concept up-to-date, offering designs for wedding and cocktail dresses, women’s bespoke clothing and individual accessories.

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