Develop and maintain know-how

  • Develop technical synergies between firms
  • Set up a network of members to discuss common issues
    • pass on know-how
    • learn about the luxury market and its consumers
    • incorporate product, commercial and social innovation into the firm
    • view e-commerce and social network tools in the luxury sector

"Excellence Sessions” are organized to achieve this: these are theme-based morning group discussions and a focus on expert solutions in flagship sectors between members of Luxe & Excellence and all firms that have been awarded the “EPV - Entreprises du patrimoine vivant” label (Living heritage enterprise).

  • Promote the luxury trades

- organize discovery trips for journalists in workshops

- reception for buyers, designers and VIP customers



Encourage innovation and creativity

  • Develop product synergies
  • Collective design integration action in collaboration with regional schools

Design project realized by a Raymond Loewy school student

  • Individual and collective accompaniment on key themes through on-site consultancy and evaluation: HR, development, innovation

Develop visibility

  • Design shared communication tools: communication pack, flyer, website
  • Promote a recommendation tool


Widen the reputation

Develop new markets

  • Set up a joint international strategy : prospecting mission, pool commercial means
  • Meetings with buyers
  • Exhibitions and shows
    • Organize customer relations events
    • Share commercial operations

We took part in a prospecting mission in Brazil, built a “Made in Limousin” luxury exhibition in the Wako department store, Tokyo, had created national and international launch event at the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

“Révélations” at Grand Palais-Paris is  also one of our "rendez-vous" : the arts, crafts and design show.

It attracted nearly 300 exhibitors: craftsmen and women, craft-based manufacturing firms, art galleries, leading French and international companies, foundations, associations, private and public institutions, etc. Over 30,000 visitors attended.