Develop and maintain know-how

  • Develop technical synergies between firms


  • Set up a network of members to discuss common issues
    • pass on know-how
    • learn about the luxury market and its consumers
    • incorporate product, commercial and social innovation into the firm
    • view e-commerce and social network tools in the luxury sector


"Excellence Sessions” are organized to achieve this: these are theme-based morning group discussions and a focus on expert solutions in flagship sectors between members of Luxe & Excellence and all firms that have been awarded the “EPV - Entreprises du patrimoine vivant” label (Living heritage enterprise).


  • Promote the luxury trades

- organize discovery trips for journalists

- reception for buyers, designers and VIP customers

June 2012: “Media – Individual luxury product sector: ready-to-wear and accessories” trip with partners: Borzeix-Besse, Mercedes Location, JM Weston and Saint Martin Collection

Journalists interested in luxury designers came for a 3-day tour of prestige factories and small-scale workshops.

tl_files/associations/contenus/luxe-et-excellence/Contenu/Luxe & Excellence - Voyage media-1.jpg

June 2013: “Media – home interior sector” trip with partners: La Maison du Limousin, Borzeix-Besse, Mercedes Location, La Chapelle Saint Martin and Chateau Castel Novel.


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Encourage innovation and creativity

  • Develop product synergies
  • Collective design integration action in collaboration with regional schools

tl_files/associations/contenus/luxe-et-excellence/Actualites/Design espace alexandre.JPG

Design project realized by a Raymond Loewy school student

  • Individual and collective accompaniment on key themes through on-site consultancy and evaluation: HR, development, innovation


Develop visibility

  • Design shared communication tools: communication pack, flyer, website
  • Promote a recommendation tool


Widen the reputation

Develop new markets

  • Set up a joint international strategy
    • prospecting mission,                
    • pool commercial means


  • December 2013: 2 members of Luxe & Excellence, Les Ateliers Pinton and Ecart, took part in a prospecting mission in Brazil with a view to defining a joint strategy.

Ten contacts were made in this rapidly developing country, which hosts the Football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Watch this space… The mission was organized by Laetitia Miroux of the Fenolia agency.


  • Meetings with buyers


  • Exhibitions and shows
    • Organize customer relations events
    • Share commercial operations


  • May 2011: a “Made in Limousin” luxury exhibition in the Wako department store, Tokyo
  • September 2011: national and international launch event at the Eiffel Tower, Paris.


tl_files/associations/contenus/luxe-et-excellence/Contenu/Luxe & Excellence - Lancement Tour Eiffel-1.jpg

Over 200 guests from all over the world watched members’ presentations

  • May 2012: Index show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: decoration and design sector

tl_files/associations/contenus/luxe-et-excellence/Contenu/Luxe & Excellence - Salon Index Djeddah-1.jpg

  • September 2013: JL Coquet, D'Argentat/Ecart and Ateliers Pinton, members of the Luxe & Excellence network, attended the “Révélations” show at the Grand Palais, Paris, from 11 to 15 September, with a joint Luxe & Excellence stand.

tl_files/associations/contenus/luxe-et-excellence/Contenu/Revelations2013 007 reduit.jpg


“Révélations” is the arts, crafts and design show. It attracted nearly 300 exhibitors: craftsmen and women, craft-based manufacturing firms, art galleries, leading French and international companies, foundations, associations, private and public institutions, etc. Over 30,000 visitors attended.