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Luxe & Excellence, an union about french luxury knowhows

Luxe & Excellence aims to bring together committed, forward-looking firms with a view to working actively together.

Our wish is to contribute to perpetuate the skills and techniques that are used to shape noble, precious materials. Serving a passionate creativity, this know-how is used to create totally custom-made products that are a source of authentic, refined luxury.

Luxe & Excellence is about art, people and their aspirations.

Luxe & Excellence main figures

Luxe & Excellence represents in 2018

  • 17 firms
  • more than 500 jobs in French Nouvelle Aquitaine region, 
  • earnings of 45 million euros.


New Capsule collection to Maison CHAPAL

: The founder of Maison CHAPAL, Jean-François BARDINON has decided to collaborate with a young artiste he met in NY city. Together they will explore new horizons for Maison CHAPAL leather and ready to...
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Luxury ready-to-wear clothing manufacture

Although it has placed the emphasis on “loose-fitting” clothing, there’s nothing vague or approximate about C2000. Everything here is about control and excellence to meet the demands of its “core business”. Born by the age-old tradition of Parisian elegance, the noblest fabrics made with silk, linen, cotton and wool enter one day to emerge a few weeks later as sheath dresses, lace negligees and smocks worn over a silk scarf.

Founded in 1976 and specializing in women’s luxury ready-to-wear clothing, the Limoges workshop employs 30 seamstresses, the oldest of whom are former home dressmakers, who work day after day to make the finest models in the fashion world.

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